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Sara called with the white, without even hesitating. "Peter, I guess the food in the oven must be ready.

Dora already imagined herself fucking Mitch in the ass with the strap-on. Everybody gasped as Dora pushed the black marker forward. They were all tired, but she most of all, and she was covered in bodily fluids.

Both nipples were protruding, revealing how she felt about stripping in front of her friends. Soon Wanda was moaning, and Dora's hand went between her legs. All were silent as Peter returned to his seat, licking his lips. A few rounds passed uneventfully, then Sara had to play the white marker. The dinner was not supposed to be fancy, it was more important that it could cook itself while they played. The format was always the same: A No-limit Texas Hold-em tournament with 100$ buy-in, and blinds of 1 and 2 dollars. I really need a quick shower before eating." Dora went to the bathroom, and turned on the shower. Why don't you and the other get dressed and get the food on the table. Then she wrapped the towel around her, and reached for the bathroom door. She removed the towel, opened the door, and walked naked back to the others. Jump into some clothes, then we'll eat." Dora shook her head. I am hungry, and there is nothing you haven't seen and touched already." She sat down at the dinner table, stark naked among her now clothed friends (and husband). Their hands quickly found her thighs, and she led them fondle her while they all ate.

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