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Any / All event related questions should be directed to the posting organization. I am also realistic, hardworking, just, smart and dynamic.

For this last point, we asked about a range of potential offerings, including online “ask a librarian”-type research service, mobile library apps, library kiosks in the community, and pre-loaded e-readers available for checkout.

To that end, we’ve collected examples of many of the types of services mentioned in the report, as well as some “fun and funky” services that we’ve seen pop up at libraries across the county.

We’ll keep updating the list with new examples as we hear about them.

Young adults (high school seniors thru age 25) are invited to join us for our summer Bible study series: The Spirit of the Antichrist in Today's World - 1 John 4:1-6What's going on in the world today? Join us this summer as we explore God's word to find the answers to questions we all ask everyday.

What does God's word say about the world we live in?

We have a special workshop scheduled for Dad’s DIY’ing with their child, niece, nephew, grandson/daughter!

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