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The third paragraph states that although 'these "laws" were not actually put into draft, their existence can be inferred from similar laws ...

borrowed from codes that already been adopted by adjacent colonies, such as the anti-papal or anti-Quaker codes of Virginia and New York." I'm questioning this because the term "Quaker" is recorded by George Fox (generally considered the founder of "Quakerism") as first being used in England by Justice Bennet of Derby in 1650.

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The first three paragraphs of this article desperately need a copyedit verging on complete rewrite; the actual list of the laws should be transwikied to Wikisource.

However, it is also sexual abuse of a minor for a teacher or other educational staff member who is at least 21 to engage in a sexual act with a student who is 16 or 17.Or maybe it should just be emphasized that the listed laws are a compendium, and don't correspond to one particular set of codes. I actually have a Wiki account, but I've just moved and can't find my account name or password! (talk) , 27 August 2008 (UTC) All else aside, this is patently notable.John Punshon, contemporary Quaker scholar, notes in his book Portrait in Gray, published by the Quaker Home Service in London, copyright 1984, that Boston, Massachusetts, first made Quakerism a capital crime in 1658.Can some one undertake the chore of sorting out which sources, and their dates, support which of these blue laws?Generally, sexual abuse of a minor occurs when a person engages in a sexual act with a 14 or 15 year old and the actor is at least five years older than the minor.

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