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Musharraf, it may be recalled, had lost control of the ISI to the PM but had cunningly moved Gen Mohammad Aziz, a Kargil co-planner, from the ISI to the post of COS in charge of GHQ.He had also retained Gen Mahmood Ahmad , a Kargil co-executor, as corps commander Pindi.This is a deeply troubling development because it violates the established order of all militaries in democratic societies that have consciously striven to keep intelligence services at arms length from GHQ because of concerns that soldiers and commanders in the field should not get contaminated by cloak and dagger spooks in unmarked cars and buildings.

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The government's February 2012 integration strategy assigns greater responsibility for integration to society and local authorities.Sharif subsequently handpicked both the COAS (General Musharraf) and DG-ISI (Gen Ziauddin Butt) and was comfortable until he stepped on the toes of the COAS over the Kargil misadventure.Indeed, if he had understood the nature of the army and ISI generals arrayed against him at that time, he would not have tried to sack Gen Musharraf and provoke them.Naturally, the internet immediately went wild over the fact that Mario’s nipples were so prominently displayed, and now Yoshiaki Koizumi, Odyssey’s producer, has spoken with his thoughts on the subject.In a recent video interview, Koizumi answered a slew of fan questions relating to the game, addressing the topic of Mario’s nipples and lack of a belly button.Two of them, Gen Akhtar Abdul Rehman and Gen Hameed Gul were in turn DGs-ISI while the third, General Fazle Haq, was the Peshawar Corps Commander/Governor gatekeeper to Afghanistan.

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