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Nelson Bays area commander Inspector Mat Arnold-Kelly said the poker run was something that police anticipated every year, with extra staff brought in to increase police presence during the ride.While he did not want to elaborate on tactics used over the weekend, he said no major incidents had occurred although a number of infringement notices were issued and several arrests made "incidental to the event".As with other years, the event raised money for Medi Max Ambulance, a Richmond-based private company that provides first-aid services to sports events around the region.The event is organised by Nelson Prospects 81, a feeder club to the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club.The second downside was that I got to taste some great wines from barrels but couldn't buy them, incredibly frustrating!The third downside is about being a small producer like Glover's.

Accompanying the rider convoy on the day, Medimax owner and former Tasman mayoral candidate Maxwell Clark said he was grateful for the financial support from the ride, which would go towards the purchase of equipment for the six-strong fleet of ambulances.I don't want this to read like an obituary but I guess it is difficult not to in the circumstances.With a doctorate in mathematics Dave had a fierce intellect, loved his family, sport and his cats.On March 27 this year Nelson lost one of its pioneering winemakers, Dr Dave Glover passed away.Please excuse my indulgence in this column as I reflect on a man who taught me a huge amount about wine.This winemaking method is a very old technique and in recent years has been embraced by a whole new generation of winemakers, along with some older winemakers, as they try to make wines with tags like 'funky', 'natural' or 'orange', or wines with sulphide complexity.

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