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“We all want someone to take care of and share our lives with.” By giving advice in a down-to-earth way, Bobbi encourages women to assess themselves, tweak their bad habits, and learn how to fall in love with a grownup man.

At the core of her approach, she told us, are three basic principles: Staying balanced, being kind, and taking responsibility.

So I had to figure out what I could do to get help and get out of my own way.” Over the course of a few years, Bobbi studied, went to seminars, and invested in counseling; all of which helped change her approach to herself, dating, and relationships.

Bobbi is there for single women every step of the way.

“The vast majority of men are looking for the same thing you are,” she said.

Every month, she tackles a new dating topic such as where to meet high-quality men and how to choose a man who will make you happy.

The webcasts offer a great opportunity for self-motivated women to learn about dating do’s and don’ts either live or on their own time via replay.

“After dating for five, 10, or 20 years, it’s hard not to give up or lose hope.

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