Pot smoker dating rules dating younger man


If he's willing to work with me, then there's no reason for me to discriminate.

However, if you LIE to me to begin with; GAME OVER. If I can't trust you on that, I WON'T trust you on anything else either.

I have no problem with OCCASIONAL pot use (say, once or twice a month), but I draw the line at anything excessive. I'm a non-smoker and my last boyfriend was a pothead, to be honest.

Thinking about getting involved with a marijuana enthusiast?Sometimes I feel like I'm too uncool or something, like I'm a buzzkill that interferes with his pot smoking. Some pot smokers know how to balance their smoking with the rest of their lives -- they can work, hold relationships, etc. I know that's a bad sign; it means he'd been smoking pot for so long that he built up a tolerance to it.We've fought about this many times, and deep down I realize the relationship would be a lot stronger if the pot smoking issue wasn't there. don't get involved if you know it's a dealbreaker for you. But he was the same person whether he was stoned or not. He said it relaxed him, and he knew he would never get high again, no matter how much he smoked.That said, I would not want to date someone who acted stoned all the time. If one person in a relationship is judgmental of their partner, about anything, it's going to cause problems. I don't drink or smoke or do drugs, but some of my friends do and that's fine.If my boyfriend was the type to be affected by pot, I wouldn't have enjoyed being around him when he was smoking. I want them to be safe, of course, but each to his own. And your ex knew how to balance a relationship with his pot smoking.He was free to smoke in front of me if he wanted, he knew I wouldn't lecture him or disapprove of him, he didn't have to lie about it, he didn't have to sneak around.

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