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(Pi) not entirely unreasonable to conclude that Richard Armitage is starting to look like someone who wants to do action roles and projects that fall under the rubric of “entertainment,” instead of the actor that the fans who used their computers to catapult him to public attention in 2004 thought he was: a dramatic artist with the potential to become the next great interpreter of Shakespeare — or at the very least, an ongoing competitor worthy of Colin Firth for favorite period drama lead.

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Got his firstexperience ofacting in a feature film witha one-line role in Star Wars: The Phantom Menace (1999).

I have a severe to profound hearing loss and his voice, which many of his fans love, passes over my head.

I have to look at the physicality of his acting and it is different in every role.

Others may take the role, but as Colin Firth gave us the quintessential Darcy, Richard Armitage has offered audiences the quintessential Thornton. RA's ability to say so much while making only slight head and eye movements effectively slowed me down to ponder that scene in a way that I often don't when watching movies.

I wanted to savor the characters and didn't want it to end.

Thornton kept me exclusively mesmerized for so long.

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