Teenage dating guidelines for parents


He, too, will need his parents’ love and support during this crisis.Many times it’s the baby’s grandparents, not the mother, who seek to cut the teen father out of the picture.

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“Medically, most pregnant adolescents do just as well as adults,” says Dr. “The increased risk of complications in teen pregnancies is due to behavioral factors such as smoking and substance abuse, or a girl being found to have a sexually transmitted infection at the time her pregnancy is diagnosed.If there’s a social worker on staff, you’re in luck.Social workers act as case managers; their job is to link eligible patient-clients with available support services.“A great deal of envy and resentment often emerges,” says Dr. Indications of emotional conflicts should be brought to the obstetrician’s attention no less promptly than you would report a physical ailment.A fullservice practice might have a mental-health counselor available.If not, an anxious or depressed patient would be referred out to the appropriate professional.

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