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The only stipulation is that it must be formatted in FAT32 – but don’t worry, FAT32 is by far the most common formatting type for USB thumb drives, so it shouldn’t be an issue.

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i searched for an updated utility, but found nothing and now i am stuck.

i know i can use @bios, but i hear it is dangerous, and this build is for a family member.

everything went smooth, i downloaded the bios from gigabytes website, extracted to a usb drive formatted to fat32 and used it in a usb2.0 port on the rig.

q flash booted up and recognized my flash drive and the files in it, but as soon as i choose the bios i get an error message telling me my flash utility is outdated.

Note: you can also also access Q Flash from inside BIOS by pressing the ‘F8’ key.

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