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Instead of spending this time trying to write the most elegant bullet points possible (because, yes, this is only supposed to take 10 minutes), just write out what you think you should add. Don’t second-guess if you start to run a little over a page or if you’re starting every line with “assisted.” Write first, edit later. For example, if the resume you’ve been adding to is the one you submitted right after graduation, you may have your education listed at the top.

But now that you have some post-grad experience, you’re going to want to lead with your professional history and most recent job.

After that, look for what Muse career expert Lily Zhang calls, “little inconsistencies.” In “5 Common Resume Mistakes That You Can Fix All by Yourself,” she suggests, “…getting into the nitty-gritty details and deciding whether or not you’re going to have periods at the end of your bullets or how you’re going to format various elements.

Yep, that means not switching back and forth between dates that feature months, just years, or seasons.” Little fixes like this will make your resume more impressive and hide the fact that you just pulled it together. First, let’s look at the words you chose: If they all start with the same verb, check this out.

For the Windows 10 Creators Update last April, each PC was put in an offline phase for around 82 minutes as part of the install process.

For the Fall Creator's Update in October, Microsoft managed to cut the offline time down to 51 minutes.

So much so, in fact, that she asked you to follow up with your resume, because she knows someone who’s hiring. But before you decide which dancing animal GIF accurately sums up your networking victory, you have some work to do.

Because, the last time you even thought about your resume was before you got your recent job or started your side gig, and it’s out of date. Think about your current job, as well as related extracurriculars—such as a blog, side gig, or volunteer work.

But consider cutting that bullet about tracking inventory or that job you worked in a lab back in college.So while the update is still going to take about the same amount of time, we won't notice it as much as most of that time is spent working in the background rather than with us staring at an update screen.Let’s start with the good news: You just bumped into a well-connected person and impressed the heck out of her.Windows 10 updates can be a real pain, especially if they require a restart and then sit there slowly counting up a percentage leaving you to twiddle your thumbs.Microsoft realizes this is frustrating and the Windows Fundamentals team has been working hard to minimize the disruption. As Joseph Conway, Senior Program Manager at the Windows Fundamentals team, explains over on the Windows Insider blog, Windows 10 feature updates only happen twice a year, but can be very disruptive.Is there some impressive company initiative you were a part of?

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